I promise we will see each other one day

Visit somewhere we both are tourists Loose ourselves in a city we have only dreamed in photos Go to Ikea and talk on the couches for hours Let´s talk about the world When the world stops being a subject Let´s live in different houses pretending to live in parallel universes I will send you letters […]

What is distance?

Before i met you Distance was more than kilometres  It was every time I couldn’t reach someone When the phone was not enough Disappointed by space  Eager for a faster way to see someone You made that go Distance doesn’t exist It is not two people It is letting the hearts travel instead of the […]

Just me

I have seen wars Terrifying wars of my demons  I have cried more than once Lived through broken bones And i broken self I have touched death once Let who surrounds me in tears Praying for all the gods at once My eyes are blue Filled with tears i hold in my heart Although i […]

I long the hug i never had 

I haven’t known you for a month Or have i?  Deep down we are old souls reuniting Since the first day You made me too comfortable Something a stranger couldn’t You are not a stranger  A part of me has already met you More than from the mirror of a phone No distance  Just us […]

The daylight reveals our love – day 4 

I grew up to this: When you are in love you constantly think about that person Kissing is love Souls connect through intimacy  The thing is My mind dwells so many wars My demons love the spotlight You live in my heart  But not always are the subject of my mind This does not mean […]