Since you asked the question i feel i entered this fantasy. You know the moment you pinch yourself to know if it is a dream? Well, i have been pinching myself for days. These days that have become so foggy because they only start when i see you. Yet this still feels like a dream […]

You are everything

When we are together it feels like i never left your room. Our relationship has become a long conversation about every brick that builds us and deviating to the peculiarities of the human life. Our kisses are attached by an endless string in an infinite i don’t see an ending. My first kiss began it […]


Not saying what is nearly bursting inside you We act a certain way Because we don´t dare to say What is exploding inside us We just smile Pretend to be just fine And slowly glue our masks to our face Too afraid to be honest We act this way Because of all we are too […]


I was blue for reasons only I knew You were red like desire And suddenly something lit up as intense as a fire You touched me and I became yellow And then you decided yellow wasn’t the colour for you Deep down I was always yellow To afraid to show Hidden for reasons I don’t […]

About you – 6

I am yours I pledge  To be honest Show you my demons Let you dance inside my light I would never harm you Never hit you Never cheat Never insult you Never play  I will be there for you Even in your dreams I will be there fighting for you You will have my trust […]

This is about you – 5

I have so much fun when we both forget our age  I laugh until i cry underneath forts made of blankets When you lick my face instead of kissing me You answer the phone pretending to be a cat and our conversation goes on for hours with laughs and random animal noises We dance in […]

This is about us – 4

Sex is as fast and raw as the word sounds It is the need of flesh Pure attraction visiting a body for satisfaction  . That day it wasn’t sex My craving came from the heart As you kissed my lips I felt as if we were in slow motion Every movement felt as exciting as […]

My dear

My dear. I wasn’t expecting you It happened as a bang In my universe That big bang Changed all my atoms Every structure Rearranged  Into a majestic light . I said yes Because you make me feel Like all the ends happened So i could meet you You make me forget  The people who don’t […]


Our lives are all connected A domino of actions We are all held by invisible strings Pushed to each other when destined Some strings are pushed To change lives  Others to test our strength But some are there to tie a knot on yours Staying in a complex web Forever by your side Our strings […]

Talk to me

Talk to me I look this stranger in the eye One I won´t know anything about I must trust her Without her trusting me? I look at her Doubting her skills I can´t believe words Can erase what burns inside me My demons laugh at her My silence makes her guess The thing is When […]