Who cleaned my room?!?!

This is not me

I used to like a good night kiss but now i avoid it

I used to sing while i was eating now i just text

I used to smile at my parents in the morning and now i don’t even look at them

I used to believe cartoons were real and now i dont even watch them

My reality has changed

Everything that defined me is gone

As if my memory was erased and substituited 

I feel so different

I act different

Slowly i dont even look the same

Im not in control

Who am i? 

Can you see me?

What is happening to me?

I dont’ know myself…

Am i adapting to this new age?

like a viking

Conquering this undiscovered land 

I just need to find myself

Just a bit

So that i don’t feel as lost

or maybe lost is my path

Maybe change is my reality

-just my notes


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