I think i regret

It’s just so fragile 

This terrifying act

A vulnerable heart

Reaching to be touched by another


With all its trust


Just to feel a rush on all it’s veins

Delivering thousand of information through all it’s atoms into the other body

The giving never stops

But slowly a gap starts to grow

Filled with doubts

You can feel his body

But you can’t feel the intimacy

You feel a touch

But purely superficial

You hear the phrase – i love you

But it feels just forced words

So that he can continue to undress you

You regret reaching for his heart
You know this insecurity will shut you down

Crack your whole heart

Slowly make you unable to trust

To feel

To start over

When will this stop?

When can i love again?

But were you really abondoned if it was never more than just two body’s that never created a bridge to their souls?

– Just my notes
(The image above is from tumblr)


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