What will happen next?

We find ourselves in pain

During grief of a lost path

We connect with the love that makes us survive

Respect the memories

But don’t let them create storms of agony

Remember the touches

But don’t let them turn you cold

Return to the turning points of the relationship

But don’t regret your choices 

He left a mark

It will always be there

Find yourself because if it is meant to be

Your scars will need each other to heal 

If not

Then a piece of you will always be in their heart

This process will hurt

It is emotional torture 

A battle of stars

Shinning bright but far from each other

Longing to see the light they remember

But time will heal

It will burn you

Not as a punishment 

Just so you don’t forget that mark

-just my notes
(The image above is from tumblr)


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