My first gloss

That moment i felt absolute panic

His face was so close to mine

I could nearly feel his lips while he talked

His round lips nearly dancing with mine

Our molecules entering each other 

Such a innocent act

Yet a beautiful exchange of faith

His eyes were holding me

All of me

He wasn’t even touching me

Yet i felt so safe 

His scent had invaded my nervous system

It smelled like desire 

Or maybe of a love ready to begin 

But his scent made me shiver

Then it happened

He slowly held my face

With his penetrating eyes never leaving mine

Smiling with great confidence 

While he slowly leaned in

The most terrific feeling rushed into my veins

All i wanted to say was

“Never take your lips from mine”

I wish i could glue them

Or freeze this moment

This feeling

But then we went back to the real world

– just my notes 
(The image above is from tumblr)


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