Wrote this while you were sleeping

By my side lies your body resting serenely in our bed

You seem so light

Because at night you are not a man of the mind

You are purely of the heart

You live life as a poet

Rationalizing is just one of the politics of your thoughts

Not what controls your body


You don’t live by the rules

Written by our science

You live of the veins

In which every pulsation is a motivation

You are two people

The night one

And the daytime one

But only I know both


If I touch you will I be touching your soul?

Every touch has to be cautious

Because the theater of the heart is fragile

A wave of emotions

Followed by tremendous shivers

Even if it doesn’t look like it

It is a balance

And just a touch can create chaos

-Just my notes


(tumblr image)



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