At night the silence breaks your heart – Day 2


I don´t feel heartbroken

Because my heart was just starting to feel

There wasn´t enough to break

What I do feel is

Just that my heart needs to heal

Because a maybe one day

Although had a glimpse of a yes

Went back to a frustrating maybe one day

Is it bad timing or are we cowards?

I know nothing actually happened

Soon it will just be a moment lost in our subconscious

I wanted too

You wanted too

For so long

We craved each other

We let ourselves know everything

Get close

You were my 3 am call

I was the girl that could ask you any questions

To finally have the opportunity to be more than just two people that desired each other

Does that take your sleep?

Our last kiss

When I got home

The feeling of being kissed stayed on my lips

Like I can still feel them touching your mouth

Like an emotion

You feel it but can´t see it

There is a silence that shouts at us on a pitch we can´t hear

Between my many questions

Your rare communication

I need to heal our relationship

The one we were not ready to have

Too scared to jump

To decided to think again

Don´t forget the pact

The thing is: will you be ready to love?

Can the first be the last?

  • just my notes

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