At night the silence breaks your heart – day 3



The night fills my room with it´s blanket of darkness

Lying on my bed

My celling projects the turning points

The signs that indicated was what going to happen

Like bread crumbs

During the months

The signs I made myself blind to see

Fear of loss

Staying because of memories

Distorting my reality by believing the behavior is just a phase

He will come back

He will come back to the man you feel in love

He won´t stay weak

He won´t continue to destroy you

I promise you

He will come back

Basically comfortable with the awful

Broken promises is not enough to describe this

Every moment

Is crushed in disgrace

Every word

Is insignificant

Has no meaning because you never used the meaning

Have you ever loved?

Are you too cold that you have never let yourself fall?

Because I fell alone

To finally realize

You weren´t by my side

To hold me when we reach the end

This is not a lie

This is not an illusion

This my dear

Is a coward

I dated a coward

I lost my trust because of a coward

I cry

Not because of you

But because I let you in

You didn´t stay because I wasn´t ok

Only a coward leaves instead of fight


  • just my notes

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