The daylight reveals our love – Day 2

There is a moment

A moment of intense anticipation

Before a kiss

We believe we are anxious for what is about to happen

But we only know the kiss is meaningful 

Because before it happens

Every emotion finds the moments

The moments that person

In a small way

Made us love

Love them

Love how they are

Love how they are there for us

Love how they care

We have a rush of all these moments

A touch in your back

A smile in a crowded room

A burst of laughter during a long conversation

A phone call where you found excuses not to hang up

We then realize

That kiss

Is more than a kiss

It is the start

Of something beautiful

Of two souls that will fall in love

With no fear

Holding each other’s hearts

That kiss is the start of a marthoon

Once you hear start

You know you can´t go back

So you try to find air

It starts to feel as oxygen has become extinct 

You try to calm down

Because your heart seams to want to jump from your chest 

Once you do kiss

Both your hearts will touch

You know it´s love

When both start to pump at the same rhythm 

So are you ready?

– justmynotes


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