The daylight reveals our love – Day 3

It was not easy for him to reach my heart

He had to discover every layer 

Every complex dimension 

That made me

To touch the right points

So I could feel safe

For him to learn more

It wasn´t easy

He had to be special

Because he was able to see

What no one had ever seen

We may have started by just asking each others names 

But by the end

He had met my demons

He knew their names

And their sins

He met the ghosts

That played my fears 

In my head

He knew my darkness

Every mask I used

By the end

Was on the floor

He was just looking at me




Ready to start to love

He fought me 

When I said I didn’t want to tell

He asked the questions

He had the patience

But he melted all my walls

Slowly he found a way in my labyrinth 

Somehow he could see the light

Following the light

He opened my heart

So all I can say is

Thank you for believing in me 

I love you


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