At night the silence breaks your heart – day 4

I saw you today 

Walking by 

On the other side of the road

You were smiling

As if you had never met me before

How did you go back in time?

Back to the times you didn´t know me

I wonder how I could catch you smiling carefree

Did you forget me?

Was it all words?

Did you even mean the I love you´s?

Because if you did love me

One does not just simply forget 

So then I wondered

Is there someone else?

Has a girl enchanted your heart

Her spell made you forget me

Do you share our moments with her?

Our unique moments I thought were designed for the two of us

Or just the simple one´s

I remember 

Every time I lay in bed

Like the way you snort when you laugh

How you kiss me when you wake up at night

The way you open the door so you could call me princess afterwards 

Your small surprises

All of them

Filled with what I thought was love






Did you love me or was it just passion?

Was I just the girl you wanted until you had her?

Was I just temptation?

What was I for you?

Have you ever thought about me again?

– just my notes


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