I long the hug i never had 

I haven’t known you for a month

Or have i? 

Deep down we are old souls reuniting

Since the first day

You made me too comfortable

Something a stranger couldn’t

You are not a stranger 

A part of me has already met you

More than from the mirror of a phone

No distance 

Just us

Because you are way

Easy to talk about everything 

We feel the same

We love the same 

We worry for each other

The thing is

Why should i just give my heart to my lovers?

I want to give you a piece of it

A vulnerable intimate piece 

Only for you

It may not be a romantic gesture

One i want you to have one day

Yet i feel i can give you this piece

Because my heart has the right to be delivered to whom i want

I want you to stay

And if you do go

Always with this piece of me

Because i will never forget you

– just my notes


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