The daylight reveals our love – day 4 

I grew up to this:

When you are in love you constantly think about that person

Kissing is love

Souls connect through intimacy 

The thing is

My mind dwells so many wars

My demons love the spotlight

You live in my heart 

But not always are the subject of my mind

This does not mean that i don’t love you

Nowadays a kiss is something so easy

It is not something secure

You don’t kiss who you love

You kiss who you want

Although my lips feels yours complete them 

What made me feel love wasn’t your kiss

Because a kiss is not what it used to be

It is easy 



I love you but not because you kissed me once

Because you did it more than once

And made me sure i was the only lips you wanted to feel 

My soul is connected to yours

Although not through intimacy 

Through words

The talks we have for hours

The texts that make not want to sleep

The letters you sent me

They talk directly to my soul

So the thing is 

I love you

But am i a fool for doing it on an unconventional way?

– just my notes


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