Just me

I have seen wars

Terrifying wars of my demons 

I have cried more than once

Lived through broken bones

And i broken self

I have touched death once

Let who surrounds me in tears

Praying for all the gods at once

My eyes are blue

Filled with tears i hold in my heart

Although i have pain

This is not me

I dance in my room even with people seeing

I sing while i drive knowing my voice is not the best

Have a unicorn lamp to be able to win the nightmares

Always carry a weird straw in my bag so a drink is never boring

A Polaroid to capture moments i don’t dare to forget

A pen to write a sentence from the heart

I talk loud as if I can’t hear

Laugh louder because i have no fear

Say what i feel because my heart is open

To whom i want 

I see strangers as people i can talk to

I am weird 

I live by that with no fear

But who stays

Is worth everything

Because after these layers only they know the rest

– just my notes


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