I promise we will see each other one day

Visit somewhere we both are tourists

Loose ourselves in a city we have only dreamed in photos

Go to Ikea and talk on the couches for hours

Let´s talk about the world

When the world stops being a subject

Let´s live in different houses pretending to live in parallel universes

I will send you letters

Once a week

Filled with the words you love

Sometimes gifts to make you smile 

I will be eager to receive yours

To touch the paper you touched

Be able to capture a moment forever with me

Since you are my writer

The one that fascinates me with the gift of words

I won´t never lose them

Because they will mean the world to me

Let´s plan travels

Let´s motivate each other

What I most want you to know

Is when you look at the stars

They will be the one’s that will give me light hours later

We are closer than you think

Because distance

Is just a number and space

I promise to stay

Most of all

Just want you to know

You marked me 

In a way few people do

That will never go away 

I hold you next to me

Next to my scars

With fear of losing you

But with pride of the impact you have

Slowly your mark

Spreads to my body

Infecting more of me

But not as a disease

As an antidote

– just my notes


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