You understand my reality

I know that i am floating in a universe created by chaos

The paradox that is my mind thrills and looses people 

My childish ways hide my adult fears

My coldness shelters my broken heart

I want to be independent

A woman with no man

Just her with her dreams

Filled by memory

All i have described 

Is a complex web of insecurity

Over the years people gave up on certain layers

Never the deepest

Yet you promised you would stay to see it all

I may be suspicious 

Thats who i am

Although you understand my reality

I am a dreamer that you see as a writer

You can see me trying

You can feel my pain

You care even when far

You understand my way of being

My weird straws and unicorns

You don’t stay

You help

Thank you for believing in me

Not wanting anything but my friendship in return

When you do create my star story 

In return the universe well place your star next to mine

So we can talk for hours


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