There is this feeling that haunts me everyday. A strong desire to go back. Why must i live in this present when i long our past? The days your touch melted me. Your kiss made me fall asleep. Our love made the world make sense. I desire those days. I never live in absolute present because a part of me needs a past. I am still in our past, my body is in the present but my heart is in your arms. This feeling haunts me, to do the point i forget what is to live. To be normal, not expect to go back. I know i must appreciate. I know i must move on. But oh darling what i would do to go back to feel everything again? 

I want to go back

I will always want to go back

Can i really live in the present?

Please help me


One thought on “Nostalgia

  1. i am at the point in my life when every thing is fun,and i am around my friends all the time,i play sports,and i have been lucky,and i now have peace,because of Jesus,i try to cherish every moment of my childhood.because after that………….. you just don’t have it as easy………but this is really deep stuff,great poem :]

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