My religion

So today someone asked me if i believe in god. My answer was simple – i believe in myself. We all are created by atoms that have seen our world in all it’s forms. These atoms create our body, our experiences create our mind and our reality creates our religion. My reality has one soul, one body but a heart made of many that have touched my life. I am an astronaut without training in a galaxy with no oxygen. Every once in a while i reach a new planet, discover what it holds not fearing the unknown. Most days i just float in a galaxy of dead stars, ghosts of people i used to know. They shine the good moments for my eyes to feel. My hands touch a air filled with particles of the present. I am stuck in a past I don’t understand and a present i am trying to get used to. My reality is me. My religion is me. The only politic i listen is the one that rules my heart. We all are linked but we both have one orbit. What is your reality?


13 thoughts on “My religion

      1. okay thats fine, but what is reality to you,even though a living breathing God seams weird and stupid nowadays,it is the only explanation for life and this world we live on.if you have one that makes more sense please explain.and their is no way that you or me [2 people out of a world or 7,000,000,000,are a religion and we control our own destiny,that is not posible

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      2. robots are what you become WHEN YOU THINK YOU CAN DO STUFF ON YOUR OWN,when you think that you are your own master,you were not made for other people,you were made for your self. because that is what every body does.and following Jesus is not religion,religion is man made worship of god,but their is only one God,and their is only one way [not religion] to worship him,the way that the bible teaches.realigion happens when people twist the bible and look at it in different ways.but answer me this and then i will stop debating,WHAT IS THE POINT OF LIFE

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      3. because if it is about your religion,[like the name of the essay said it is] then you kinda have to know the point of your religion\why you are here.and um……its not a religion if you CAN’t explain it to other people\so answer the question.WHY ARE YOU HERE ,WHAT IS THE POINT OF LIFE[according to your religion]


  1. A religion is something you believe in. After my accident the only thing i believe in is myself. I know this is controversial to religions but it is my own way of seeing things. i believe in destiny, that we are pushed to certain happenings and meeting certain people. Destiny shows us our purpose yet that is something that is unique for every person. My purpose is not the same as yours. The only thing i can say for sure is that life is a gift, something so beautiful does´t come without a purpose.

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