Thank you

Thank you for being my earth

Best friend doesn´t have enough dimension to explain the real complex meaning of our friendship. 
If I were to label you I would call you my balance. When I am in need to make a decision or when driven by anger or absolute grief you are my rational side. 
Why do I call you the brain to my heart? You have a way to erase all my emotional urges that push me to overreact and just show me the bare facts.
While you always maintain your rational posture you have made me realize at my worst moments that I deserve love, I need to have self-respect, you forced me confidence when I was too down to want it and most of all you have always loved me with all my masks. 
Thank you for never being a motivational poster, for never sugar codding the truth and always being realistic. My questions are continuously answered with no emotion ironically filled with love as well as care. 
Your answers are never the typical one´s, such as: 
“How is crying going to help you?”

“Stop being the victim”

“It was also your fault”


“Things are going to be ok but not in a Disney romantic way”

“You are not the first person to feel like that”

“He doesn’t love or respect you”

“Well welcome to life”

“Say her name again and I will hang the phone”

“Go o something better than a pity party”
It hurts to hear the truth but I prefer that than to live in a well-structured illusion. You make my feet touch the ground because you know I have the tendency to fly to my own reality. 
Thank you for being you, for balancing my heart and making sense in my chaos. I have always read about how soul mates fulfill you but I believe you have completed me more than any romantic relationship. You are the person I call when my world is crashing because you will always be there. 
All I can say is that without you my heart would lead me into a world where chaos would be an ordinary reality to me. You have showed me that love is not just for family or romance, love can be sparked in a friendship. I will forever hold you when you need me. I pledge to always trust you with my demons. I promise to never leave you even when you are filled of dark clouds. 
In a world made of uncertainty you are a stable reality. Your cold truths hug my heart.


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