I desire

In your car all i can think about is how soft your lips look. As you talk they seam to tease me into temptation. How much i need to touch them, emerge them in me. Slowly my imagination is controlling my mind. My hands gently touch your cheek. My eyes follow your surprise. My lips seal the moment. I have imagined this so many times. I want you with me. I think we make the perfect combination. In the real world, i am just the girl that goes to bed alone, you are the boy that never sleeps alone. We are opposites but in my imagination, i am the only body you desire. The thing is, i know every demon that hides inside your mind. I have faced your fears even when you don’t admit it. I have seen your mind naked but i need to see more. I want our bodies to touch what our minds were to afraid too. I come back to reality. The unfortunate truth i always have to face. Although the real world is not one for the two my eyes still want us to be true.

– just my notes


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