You just break

This is the moment you break. Every piece that builds you becomes shattered. You no longer have the ability to glue yourself together. You scratch for light only realising you are just loosing your strength. That is the moment you have a choice: fight or give up. The easier path is to live in an easy unhappiness. You get comfortable with the fact that the universe is not fighting by your side. You give up on life because it is not perfect. Or you try. You try make your body lighten itself instead of scratch to find light. You realize that the true light is buried in your insecurities and fears. You confront them knowing time is not by your sead. Dont seat timelines, set goals. You dont just stop to feel the hurt, you meld the scratches and make a new stringer skin. Your skin is made of layers that have gone too war. The stronger you are, the more battles. Thin skin is for those who are too weak to try again.

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