Emotional connection

The moment you connect with someone you weren’t expecting to meet. There is many types of emotional connections, we spend our life shoving them in boxes instead of realising they are all different. There is this connection when you meet someone that understands you. You both have been through the same pain. You both have gone through the painful truth of a breakup. That an ending is just pride. That you are never forgotten but the other person is too weak to open a conversation. Too scared to touch the pandora box. A connection made from pain. Both people understand the depth and process of those scars. How they hurt, where not too touch. When you meet this person. You feel like things make sense. That you are not living in an intoxicated bubble made of drama. Your pain is universal and not the universe fooling you. Broken hearts heal but together they become stronger. They pump to heal each other. Weak but growing with intensity. Blood is shared because the bond is metal. Two people that will never forget each other. That are brave enough to stay.

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