You healed my scars

I wasn’t looking for anyone. Feeling abandoned by the universe, I was crushed by the idea of love. This beautiful theory I heard about brought me just pain. My body was filled with temporary kisses and forgotten love. I lived in this skeptic world in which I was in control. I decided that I may not have love but I have myself. in the mist of this war you appeared. You did not just appear, dear you changed everything. I believe again. 
My feelings were just asleep
I thought i would never feel this again. During the day there are so many things that make me remember of you. Just a simple music brings me an immense joy. I want to see you all the time. Like i can only breath if i am next to you. I want to see you smile, all i want is to see that sunshine that appears when you are happy. I need to touch you. To feel you close, enough to make you part of me.
Feeling love after a storm is like being brought to life after a crash
I was broken by a storm of memories. All these fears made me fall deep in a place i could only see theories made by my dark mind. My mind was a cruel tool planning a fog so dense that i couldn’t see the truth. I heard selected words from every person to believe that love was temporary and fading. Then i met you. I believed that it was impossible for me to feel this again. My heart is screaming from relief. I feel love during through my veins. You love the same way as me. You love with no fear as well as with all of you. So let´s jump in this wave of love and teach each other how to breathe under water.

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