Not saying what is nearly bursting inside you
We act a certain way

Because we don´t dare to say

What is exploding inside us
We just smile

Pretend to be just fine

And slowly glue our masks to our face

Too afraid to be honest
We act this way

Because of all we are too afraid to say

To say all we think

To act on what we want

To ask for respect

To show you can be tall
Yet we act this way

Like actors

Scared actors

That live secret lives

Never take their masks off

Due to so many negative reasons
But all that we are keeping inside





And makes us grey

We become blue

And then grey again

A remorse rollercoaster of a disappointed liar
Say what you feel

Let it out

There is no more space for all the words you wished you said

Be bold

Be brave

And be it now
– just my notes

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