Since you asked the question i feel i entered this fantasy. You know the moment you pinch yourself to know if it is a dream? Well, i have been pinching myself for days. These days that have become so foggy because they only start when i see you. Yet this still feels like a dream performing an utopia because it feels so unrealistic. I fall in love everyday just the way you told me it would happen. I love you today more than yesterday knowing that yesterday i thought i couldn’t love you more. So strange this feeling you have built inside me. I feel so comfortable yet so thrilled. Entering this new adventure in my pyjamas. All i know is that it just feels right. My memories have faded away to make space for you. The thing is I don’t need to save you in my memory because you surprise my heart everyday and i know that this will always be this way. The exposure to your colourful mind, the museum of your heart and the melody of your voice. The long conversations walking in unknown places and the sweet display of your live. Your smooth touch filled with love or your longing desire for my body. You have created your own smile in me, the most honest as well as most joyful my muscles have ever felt. In this naked honesty we share you melted my remaining walls when you told me your were sure i was the one. I can’t explain why but i just know that you are the man that will prove to me that i am not a hopeless romantic i am simply a realist because the blind passionate endless love i believe in is true. I love you and will until i become stardust.

– just my notes

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