I need help

I need help I need help to walk I need help to remember I need help to bath I need help to dress I need help to eat I need to control my anger I need to contain my sadness I need to resolve my mind I want help to let go


Impact Car gone Eyes shut Wounds open Scars growing Pain attacking Time is quitting An ambulance is closer People are looking Some are yelling Lungs are shutting down Brain is broken Am I alive? – just my notes

Waiting for an apology

After the crash You drove away Leaving my body Decaying on the road . The cold floor The final tears The hysterical screams My afraid self . I used to wonder Did you even look back? Was there at least a tear because of me? Or did you just block this? . So here I […]

You healed my scars

I wasn’t looking for anyone. Feeling abandoned by the universe, I was crushed by the idea of love. This beautiful theory I heard about brought me just pain. My body was filled with temporary kisses and forgotten love. I lived in this skeptic world in which I was in control. I decided that I may […]

Hold still

Hold still Let me capture this moment First the way you are looking at me As if your warm eyes Are holding me Tight enough To let me see you Discover all i am eager to know From the politics of your mind  The science of your left  Fighting civil wars with the creative side  […]


A ring Is a circle  Built from authenticity  Weighing deep symbolism  . A ring is devotion A pledge to hold that hand Even when far It is the antidote to any sorrow  With a barrier of love . This is a vow One to hold deep in your heart Because to offer a ring Comes […]

Open your eyes

You couldn’t see the difference  Between what i wanted and what you needed  I only saw a friend You fixed on me  Like an obsessive prey Made me feel guilty For not wanting the same You are a selfish person Insecure Lonely All because you don’t know how to love You just want to do […]

Pick a place

Pick a place Pack your bag Let’s just go Travel to a place we don’t know . Discover the air Create memories Inhale monuments  Exhale museums  Let’s explore the unknown . Let’s just go Far away To a place we don’t know Have fun in the cold Dive in the sea Walk through the lights […]


Let’s escape To a silent world Where we can only hear the beats of our hearts Let the light escape to our eyes So we can see the truth Naked from fears Lets touch our scars Deep into it’s pain Healing each other  I want to see you Your galaxy One filled with mystery Yet […]


Let me trace your constellations My fascination with stars Has become stronger You are the one star i never heard about Not in the books Far from the maps Living in your own universe Let me learn all about this world you hold While losing myself In the web of cosmic dust That is your […]