My dear

My dear. I wasn’t expecting you It happened as a bang In my universe That big bang Changed all my atoms Every structure Rearranged  Into a majestic light . I said yes Because you make me feel Like all the ends happened So i could meet you You make me forget  The people who don’t […]


Our lives are all connected A domino of actions We are all held by invisible strings Pushed to each other when destined Some strings are pushed To change lives  Others to test our strength But some are there to tie a knot on yours Staying in a complex web Forever by your side Our strings […]

Talk to me

Talk to me I look this stranger in the eye One I won´t know anything about I must trust her Without her trusting me? I look at her Doubting her skills I can´t believe words Can erase what burns inside me My demons laugh at her My silence makes her guess The thing is When […]

I need help

I need help I need help to walk I need help to remember I need help to bath I need help to dress I need help to eat I need to control my anger I need to contain my sadness I need to resolve my mind I want help to let go


Impact Car gone Eyes shut Wounds open Scars growing Pain attacking Time is quitting An ambulance is closer People are looking Some are yelling Lungs are shutting down Brain is broken Am I alive? – just my notes

Waiting for an apology

After the crash You drove away Leaving my body Decaying on the road . The cold floor The final tears The hysterical screams My afraid self . I used to wonder Did you even look back? Was there at least a tear because of me? Or did you just block this? . So here I […]

You healed my scars

I wasn’t looking for anyone. Feeling abandoned by the universe, I was crushed by the idea of love. This beautiful theory I heard about brought me just pain. My body was filled with temporary kisses and forgotten love. I lived in this skeptic world in which I was in control. I decided that I may […]