Do you believe in destiny? 

We know that life will end but before it does we will fill it with love. In a vast world through space and time we all find the dots. Imagine that you are born in the same generation as the person that heals your heart. The people that pass through are life were meant to […]

What if

Entering the studio, she could see his prints everywhere. His scent rested in every corner, penetrating her lungs like an instant poison making her unable to breath. She felt as all emotions were whispering misery from the walls of this recent crime scene. It felt like an abandoned museum, some pieces were lost yet it […]

I now know i deserve love

I have started relationships filled with love and got out filled with wounds. I cracked, cried, my scars healed and I just made the same mistake again. This time after the tears, the regret and the haunting of all my memories, my heart has healed. Not just healed but now I believe I deserve love […]

I tried 

I decided go on an adventure To feel wanted again The vague memory of touch was unsettling me  So i called you  And you came to my house  We laughed  We talked  We had silence because we weren’t t there finding a connection And then your hand Started to trace my face  Making me miss […]

A moment of silence

A moment of absolute silence for our souls to scream Giving them space To fill it with haunted memories Unsaid words A future that never happened  Such a dark moment In which you whisper to yourself How you wish all was gone Life is beautiful  But you can’t appreciate  Because you are lost in your […]

Emotional connection

The moment you connect with someone you weren’t expecting to meet. There is many types of emotional connections, we spend our life shoving them in boxes instead of realising they are all different. There is this connection when you meet someone that understands you. You both have been through the same pain. You both have […]

You just break

This is the moment you break. Every piece that builds you becomes shattered. You no longer have the ability to glue yourself together. You scratch for light only realising you are just loosing your strength. That is the moment you have a choice: fight or give up. The easier path is to live in an […]

Your own company

When you appreciate your own company. The moment you feel delighted by small things like feelings the warm light heat your legs while you rest. One of the hurtful truths is that people are temporary, they touch you enough to crave them but disappear in the mist of chaos. While this may hurt, the truth […]

The hug

When you are hugged from behind. That is a moment you capture by the feeling that warms you. When you see a couple hug, you don’t remember the moment but you are devoured by a feeling. This moment you surrender to someones love. You feel arms grab you, letting for that small moment protect you […]