The way you look at me

If i could capture one of my favourite moments it would be the way he looks at me. I am swallowed with his eyes into a universe created by his heart. My body becomes heavy from the weight of his love: although falling into this universe, i am not afraid because i see his hands […]

So intense

The intense passion could only be described as two bodies releasing tension accumulated during the time spent together. They wanted to taste each others desire. That moment was a race for possession, they both wanted to feel like they belonged to each other. It all started in slow motion. The pillows on the tips of […]

Scared of love

This is the worst part. You made me so afraid that i have built so many walls. I feel kindness is temporary. Gifts are manipulation. Love is a myth. You left me wandering in my minds chaos. I am so afraid to believe in men. I worry they will suck me into illusion again. I […]

I desire

In your car all i can think about is how soft your lips look. As you talk they seam to tease me into temptation. How much i need to touch them, emerge them in me. Slowly my imagination is controlling my mind. My hands gently touch your cheek. My eyes follow your surprise. My lips […]


Naked  I am naked  All my skin exposed  No shadows allowed with these rays of sun  I may be naked But not afraid Focus Do look closely  My scars are starting to show You are making me comfortable  In such a intimate way  That my body is no longer a fear  The real fear was […]

Thank you

Thank you for being my earth Best friend doesn´t have enough dimension to explain the real complex meaning of our friendship.  If I were to label you I would call you my balance. When I am in need to make a decision or when driven by anger or absolute grief you are my rational side.  […]

Can’t believe you are real

Every time you talk to me This is my reaction So happy i need to cover my face I ask myself if you are real You don’t have requests for me Just to always be myself So all i can say is that I will always be there for you Two planets away It will feel […]

My religion

So today someone asked me if i believe in god. My answer was simple – i believe in myself. We all are created by atoms that have seen our world in all it’s forms. These atoms create our body, our experiences create our mind and our reality creates our religion. My reality has one soul, […]


There is this feeling that haunts me everyday. A strong desire to go back. Why must i live in this present when i long our past? The days your touch melted me. Your kiss made me fall asleep. Our love made the world make sense. I desire those days. I never live in absolute present […]