The hug

When you are hugged from behind. That is a moment you capture by the feeling that warms you. When you see a couple hug, you don’t remember the moment but you are devoured by a feeling. This moment you surrender to someones love. You feel arms grab you, letting for that small moment protect you from the world. To feel their breath heat your neck, while shivers accompany every kiss. To let the hands hold you so tight that moment becomes an infinity. The smile that grows on both bodies. An honest smile of satisfaction. Because for some moments your heart can breath in utter delight. The moment is not what you remember, your body captures the feeling that conquers it. From the shivers to the melting. People may go, that may not be the person you will stay but even when the memories are gone, you never forget the feeling. Memories can fade but feelings will always attack you when you least expect. Hugs are the biggest triggers.- Just my notes .

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