This is about us – 4

Sex is as fast and raw as the word sounds
It is the need of flesh

Pure attraction visiting a body for satisfaction 


That day it wasn’t sex

My craving came from the heart

As you kissed my lips

I felt as if we were in slow motion

Every movement felt as exciting as when you first kissed me


Your hand followed my face to my hips 

But for a while you held my hands tight while you made my body tremble 


I felt as a goddess 

Worshipped my sensuality

Wanted by all your body

Yet loved 

Because in every movement

Came a detail

A kiss in my mouth

A caring smile

Or hearing you say you love me without having to stop 


We made love

In the most innocent way 

A girl could have asked for 

In the end

You are mine

I am yours

“Follow my curves to abyss that holds my heart”

– just my notes

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