You are everything

When we are together it feels like i never left your room. Our relationship has become a long conversation about every brick that builds us and deviating to the peculiarities of the human life. Our kisses are attached by an endless string in an infinite i don’t see an ending. My first kiss began it all but every goodbye was never the last kiss, just another show of affection for the book of our memories.

I have become addicted to you. All of the small details that make you you. From your laugh that echos joys through the walls. Your big blue eyes capturing every detail you need to make me feel special. To the heart that has trapped the innocence of a child.

I can’t remember the man that had the ability to make me like this. I have fallen so deeply in love you have become my only memory. You know the moment you feel something so right yet so freaking new, you ask if every broken kiss, every tear, every obsession led to these exact lips? Well i guess i just never loved like this. I guess you make me love the right way.

Baby we are lost souls that were lovers in all our other life because not even destiny could keep us apart. We are the closest friends, partners in crime and we have all the passion in Italy through our veins.

We just want to share our world. Entering in a world of creative solutions or simply endless laughs. Lets share the good, the bad and the new. Lets watch the stars under blanket forts. I will listen to your songs while you read my writing. Lets grow together. Lets just stay the exact way we are right now because you make me so happy.

– just my notes

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